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A new Debenture type and Initial Interest


Oakapple Berwickshire has two new features – it’s our first Income Growth Debenture and it’s our first to earn you interest on the amount you have invested to cover the period the PV systems are being installed. We’ve written this blog as a useful guide to what this means for you and your money. Read more…


Human Nature: the video


Charlotte Webster of Good Shout Studio, curator of the Abundance-sponsored Human Nature art show, gives her thoughts on the show, comments from the artists present and a video of the highly successful event. Read more…


Shared Ownership of Wind and Solar farms


Abundance co-founder Karl gives you our view on the recently published Shared Ownership framework, which aims to make it the norm for commercial renewable energy developers to allow local people and community groups to invest in projects. Read more…


Britain’s £1.15 trillion problem


It may be difficult to believe, but £1.15 trillion is the amount of money sitting in UK cash deposit accounts, earning little to no interest. This is entirely counterproductive, not only to savers but also society and the real economy. So why do we do it? Read more…


Pensions and ISAs: a blueprint for change


As a nation we seem confused about the best way to get to retirement with enough money. With just half the population owning or considering a pension, this needs to change and to do that means addressing the issues holding pensions back: a fear of risk, lack of confidence and complex, banal rules. Read more…